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Keyword Research For E commerce Website

In this section you will know about Key Word research for E Commerce accounts are now-a-days a prime priority for online business. It is important to know and get feedback on how people know or how people want to know one. The research actually lets one know how their product listing can be prioritized and brought to people’s notice faster.

If one has an answer to the question how people are searching for to find their product, then probably that is the way to produce a high conversion rate.

Why to do E-Commerce Research for Keyword Analysis?

  1. Chance to know the latest trend of people search to enhance business.
  2. Modification of online page or the website to latest trends.
  3. Selling products in a particular area/country with specific requirements.
  4. To increase the requirement and channel the resource in a right way for increasing productivity, etc.

 In E-Commerce research one has to focus on the points below: Keyword Research For E commerce

  • How people describe the products?

It is very important to know how and what people think to search for a product. For example, a person wants to sell his book online and it is linked to the keyword ‘Best Romantic Novel’, but actually, people search for ‘Best English Romantic Novel’.

  • How sales and marketing people describe and sell the products?

It is the sales personnel who are in constant touch with the potential customers. The way they market the product is probably the way people talk about it. So it’s very important to know what and how the sales people describe about the product. Keyword Research For E commerce

·       How people naturally link out to you


It is important to know how people think about the product. May be people normally search for ‘Cheap Trekking Boots’ instead of ‘High Ankle Rugged Trekking Boots’. In that case, the website keywords need to be modified accordingly for what people want.

·       How Competitors describe their own products

Competitive study is always a way for fruitful analysis. It is always better to know how competitors (key industry players) describe their product and choose keyword to target people. Keyword Research For E commerce


  • Understanding Searchers’ Intent

It is very important to know and analyze the mood of the customers when they are searching for a product. For example are they browsing/searching to buy a product or are they making price/quality comparison among different competitors.


  • What People generally search

It is obviously very important to know what people target to search for the products or services. The search query reports in Google analytics or Bing webmaster tools can provide extensive summary of the traffics generated towards different keywords in a particular location or throughout the world.

If a product has to be sold online, its trending and requirement has to be analyzed and hence E-Commerce research becomes an essential part of the business. With sites, like Facebook selling/portraying trends about different products and people group, it has now become much easier to identify the trends and demand of people, and hence resulted in a flourish of E-Commerce research facilities.


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