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HOW to optimize your website conversion rate ?

HOW to optimize your website conversion rate ?

Hello Friends, today I provide you some tips to improve your website conversion rate that is applied by most of best SEO experts.

The conversion rate is how many audience or traffic buy your product from your website out of the total audience. Or you can say what percentage of website visitors that purchase something from your site.

1.the web speed should be fast as possible.

The internet surfers are a very impatient person. If they can’t search what they want they will move from your website immediately. And increase the bounce rate of your page. The increment of bounce rate is not good for your business or your websites.


To increase the web speed host your website on a reliable and fast web server not slow and free web server.

Always use external CSS file and javascript file and use few images as possible.

2. You have to use an own domain name for your website.

Most of the target audience won’t buy a product from free domain site like “xyz.abc.com.”

So you have must a valid domain name for your website.

3.your website has a professional desgine.

If the website does not have a professional designer then no will use the services that you provide. Because your website seems like as a child project which it makes during the internship. So design your website professional.

4. Test your website on the different browser.

Check your website on the different-different browser. The reason behind this testing is that by this test you know that how your website looks like on different-2 browser. Because some content looks great on firefox and some on chrome and some on other web browsers.

5.you should use a proper dedicated landing page.

If your target audience comes from an ad(google adword or banner advertising etc.) then you should use a proper dedicated landing page according to that each ad.and the dedicated page has your marketing message that you have in the ad.

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