5 tips to improve blog performance

5 Tips To Improve Blog Performance

Painters Inspiring Bloggers!

An individual belonging to any field of work must be sincere towards his\her job and should perform each task with complete dedication. It is fascinating to wonder and merge the qualities of two different individuals hailing from two separate genres of work, and it is also interesting how these individuals can inspire one another. They may share similar qualities and talents. 5 Tips To Improve Blog Performance

Here Are % Tips To Improve Your blog Performance or showcasing how bloggers can blog creatively like painters –

  • Think like a reader –

    it is always important to know what we want to convey or portray to the viewers or the readers. While the painter is very specific about his thoughts, and showers buckets of colors into the frame, the bloggers must be clear about his article or blog as well, and thus make it creative enough so that is appeals to his\her readers.


  • Imagination and design –

    running around the same bush can be dull and boring. In order to make the blog interesting, one must let the imagination to flow. Soar high in wonder. A good painter is always the one who painters, his imagination. Same goes for a writer. Just as the painter picks and chooses the best colors for painting, it is important to design the blog like a piece of framed art as well. Colors and illustrations always sooth the eye.


  • Be balanced and to the point –

    that is what the readers expect. Shedding impatience a reader may read an unnecessarily long blog, but might conclude it to be nothing worth all the effort. Being crisp and direct yet edgy and simple is necessary. Have we ever seen a painter, paint irrelevantly with excess colors to add more detail into the picture?


  • Write with authority and set your personality free –

    if one is confident about what he\she is writing, it is important that they write in an authoritative tone with valid points. As every painter has the authority to copyright his\her painting, a blogger can do so as well, but must back this up with unique knowledge and subject matter. A blog must also represent ones personality. Once you are genuine and true, the readers will appreciate your work and will be able to relate to it. Like a painter conveys his thoughts and moods through the painting, a blogger can write his\her ideas in print.


  • Be trustworthy and convey your passion for the work, that’s how you build relationships

    – every reader expects that the blogger to live up to their expectations. The aim should not be to develop followers through the blog but build a relation with the readers. The work must convey passion for the topic related, that is how it becomes interesting. Confusing blogs can be a major turn off. Being consistent and dedicated is the key to writing best blogs. As we feel the urge of delving deep into the paintings of master painters because of the passionate story it is able to portray through few strokes, it is similarly important for a writer to keep these points in mind before blogging.

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